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Life seems to eat us and leaves us no margin to decide.. but what would happen if that person, that blow of destiny or that stop had a sense that you did not expect and changed your look and the focus of your life?

These are four real stories, that came face to face with someone taht many cannot see… although Jaime, Carlos, Andrea, Antonio and Sonsoles assure that he is ALIVE and has brought them back to life.

If you listen you can hear Him and, if you look, you can see Him, because, although it is hard to believe: There is life.


«We wanted to tell something incredible: we would never have thought that a piece of bread could hide such a deep mystery… and with so much power! We have lived with hundreds of people who have lived liberating experiences in front of that white bread. 

Jesus said he gives peace: there are so many who have received a peace that is not of this world. It is not a matter of persuasion: many did not even know what that bread was, nor what we Christians believe: that it is the Body of the Living Christ.

There is no fiction or actors here. We want to tell actual stories. We find it interesting, very interesting, for believers and non-believers: we all like to know the places where special powers, healing energies are found. We had to choose, and these are just four of the thousands of anonymuos stories as exciting as they are puzzling that we come across week after week. We had to tell them».

D. Josepe

Director tell us:

Jorge Pareja

«I still remember how I used to record my own stories with my father’s video camera. A mini VHS, a cheap PC, and hundreds of afternoons imagining worlds and recreating universes to capture them on a screen. Then came Jurassic Park and Toy Story, and CGI and 3D became my obsession. The possibility of creating fantastic characters and otherworldly heroes and villains with just my hands and a computer was pure addiction. Graphics and editing were accumulating among my knowledge to be able to give free rein to so much mental raving. After working for different film production companies, my knowledge was consolidated. Between production and production, I spent long periods working in television, but I kept my filmic curiosity intact by doing some parallel projects. To keep traveling to other worlds through a lens has always been my driving force.

On one of these trips, I met a group of young people and adults who, without knowing it, would become part of me for the rest of my life. Together with them I learned that there are still people who worship a God in a different way than I had known up to that moment. People who tell you, without fear or shame, that they love that God. And that they love him so much that they can’t stop telling you, because happiness is also contagious. That love they feel is their drug. Addictive, but healing and very passionate. 

For two years they have opened the doors of their world to me and I have been able to document what was going on there. It all started when I attended the first Holy Hour and witnessed something I did not expect. I remembered the masses of my childhood as something empty, artificial and automatic. But what was there was something totally different.  

For me it has been an absolutely enriching experience to meet people who give themselves to others, with a great capacity for sacrifice, generous and with a smile that never fades.” 

Fdo: Jorge Pareja


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